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Noisy men bring good luck in Hungary

uttam 2011.12.31. 18:05

I don't know about you but I love superstitions. They are funny and tell a lot about a culture. Believe it or not, many people still observe some old traditions. Let's see how a true Hungarian prepares for 2012!

The Hungarian fills up his fridge with goodies: lentils make money (if you don't think it's yummie, alternatively you may cook beans or rice). Rétes (~strudl) ensures that his wealth is stringy, enduring. Put a piece of almond in the lentil soup (lencsefőzelék) and you'll learn who's getting married next! No ladies, eating the whole pot on your own probably doesn't count. You may try though...

Pork brings luck - but chicken digs your luck deep into the earth! Turkey can even make you angry. Beware, no spice tray should be left empty: whatever you lack on New Year's Day, you will miss all year! Businessmen should stuff fruits to have a fruitful year.

Lazy housewives, you are cherished this time! It's prohibited to do any housework on New Year's. After the big party, don't take all the trash out - or you may carry away your fortune. But do collect the drying clothes, otherwise death may put a shadow on your happy family life.

Hungarian lovers keep some honey ready for their lips, that's the way to give a midnight kiss and your love shall be long and sweet. By the way, it's good for the dry winter skin as well. And it's mmm... Single girls, after you found out the name of your future husband, make sure that the first person who steps into your house on New Year's Day is a M a n . He will bring you good luck, trust me! ;)

And if you yearn for an accurate weather forecast, the real Hungarian Jedi farmer will give you some intergalactic garlic. Each piece represents a month of the year. Use a pinch of salt on each and wait until the next morning. The ones that got soaked through will bring "sweet-season'd showers to the ground".

 Last but not least, BE AS LOUD AS YOU CAN - as to keep the wicked ghost away! (Yes, you may inform your neighbour, who keeps yelling and knocking on your door this very moment, too: the crashing d'n'b is for the sake of both of you.) Starting to count down for the party? ! So am I!


Theatrand team is wishing you an amazing 2012!

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Planless SZIN

theatrandu 2011.08.15. 09:31

What type of festival goer are you? 

* : You know exactly what you want. You studied the program carefully and insist on every little detail of your list. I mean, you payed for your tickets and you want to get the most for your money.

** : You always check the program and you put a tick to some must-see-s. But you have no illusions, you know that you can't be there for all of them. You meet a friend instead of sweating with other N.O.H.A. fans you have a relaxed drink or two. To gather energy for the whole-night party, of course.

*** : You are absolutely lost!!! You do not care about the concerts - a festival is more about the people and the surprises waiting at every corner. Maybe you catch a Colorstar or a Russkaja between two beers....or maybe not. No plan, no pain - you always say!

Well, for the * -guys I have bad news: the singer of the Canadian Simple Plan lost his voice and they cancelled all European concerts for following weeks. Get well soon, Pierre!

What happened to Sean Paul is still a mystery to me...

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To whom it may concern

theatrandu 2011.07.26. 08:28

Dear organizers,

Thank you for this wonderful festival, thank you for not giving up, even when things were looking black. It's a shame the budget was cut down but you still managed to put together a first-class programme. We are really grateful. However, I would like to list a few things that were missing so that you can arrange better next time.

  1. Sunshine! Please learn some effective rain dance because it was not fun watching a show totally soaked. It's July, after all. Come on, you can do it!
  2. More international groups. I know, I know, there are financial constraints. But I am optimistic. Are you?
  3. JATE Klub. Or any place where the day ends. Where we all gather for the last performance or concert. Where audience, artists and staff have a chance to talk about big things in life over a beer. Or two.
  4. Karolina and Tamás, godmummy and goddaddy of Thealter. Without them the rainy days were just longer and sadder. So please set in your contacts for 2012. If you cannot organize it, then just make sure about #1. Deal? 

    Looking forward to seeing you again. 

Truthfully yours,

the viewer

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P.S. Thealter treasures

theatrandu 2011.07.25. 23:39

Hey, do not look for good experimental performances and workshops only! There is so much more you can find...

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theatrandu 2011.07.24. 22:06

Arad Chamber Theater (Romania) - Theater Andaxin (Budapest): The Concealers -
Last Tango in Paris

* * *

Day 5. Ran out of words. This is how things end.


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A waste of time, a waste of life

theatrandu 2011.07.24. 11:35

Rainy saturday at Thealter. The corridor of the Old Synagogue gets crowded, many seek shelter from the rain. Tickets for mady-baby all sold out, they say. But I have mine already, so I get on the bus.

The bus turns into an airport, a plane, a little room in Ireland. The monodrama has three characters: Mady, her boyfriend Voicu and Bogdán. The young and naiv Mady moves to Ireland to her admired boyfriend.  On the airport she meets Bogdán, the audiovisual artist, who will play an important role in her life later.

"Home... I am not at home. I don't feel like home either here or there. I am not home here and I am not home there. I won't be at home here or there."

Voicu turns Mady into a prostitute. She becomes a tool and a victim of the two men. €65 is what she gets for an hour, without blowjob.

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theatrandu 2011.07.23. 14:05

Yes, true. I was late. I was late from everywhere yesterday. The reason? Dance!

 In the afternoon I took part in József Trefeli and Gábor Varga's workshop. We did a warm-up and some improvisation. I could not SWITCH OFF my ankle however hard I tried - but the dancers were really nice and did not give up on me. Zombie walz rocks!

 With this training they also prepared for their 20-minute street performance (which can be seen also today, Saturday, at 7 pm-Klauzál tér!). JINX103 played with the fact that they were both Hungarians born outside of Hungary. Go and catch it this evening!










 Egyedem begyedem tengertánc... (Hungarian children's rhyme, a samanic version)







 Engaging the street.






 And the street likes it!














 Meanwhile we enjoyed the guys, the guys could have enjoyed this view had they looked upon the rooftops of Szeged.

For people with a lack of imagination, moving pictures with sound! :)


Eros frolicking

Rita Góbi is one of my favourite coregraphers in the Hungarian contemporary dance scene. "Men and women, tango dancers and contemporary dancers, a striptease artist, a mime artist, an opera singer, a cellist, a harp player, a lute player and a brass player will fill the stage". Promising, isn't it.

This time, however, the concept was a bit too overwhelming. VaDulva (~ Wilding) had a very powerful image. But we got everything right in the beginning, and apart from the last 5 minutes, the show sank into monotonity. The rich, sensual costumes and the erotic dance put next to a chamber orchestra and an opera singer leaves your mouth open. You keep looking here and there, luxurious sexuality pops up in every corner of the stage. But after the strong entrance we expect more...












 Full house again.

Of course in the end there is a climax to it. Let the pictures speak for themselves.












* * *

Friday passed quickly. How can a lovely day end in such a deep shock? My thoughts are with you, dear friends and collegues in Oslo. (2nd Photo: credits to Róbert Révész)


 (2nd Photo: credits to Róbert Révész)

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Dancing a research? Forget it!

theatrandu 2011.07.23. 00:21

It's Thursday, in case you don't know - CSÜTÖRTÖK

Music: Zoommm...draws you into the ambient

Guys: two hot, two cute, two sweet. Wait, there were only four of them

The Girl: a glance

Lights: "like"

Topic: cliché

Concept: excellent

Costume: casual

The all in all midnight-impression: A+


Do differences matter? Is it Cluj Napoca or Kolozsvár? How to flatter a girl? When is half past 3? Does Berlusconi stand for Italy and Sárközy for France? 

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Me, Jailbird @ "Star Hotel"

theatrandu 2011.07.22. 11:55

Now you will read a report more personal than what I usually tend to post here. I cannot distance myself from the subject this time. This adventure deserves a post on its own.


Thealter International contributes every year with one show to the Dankó Pista Festival, which is a cultural program in the Csillag prison. This year it was Enikő Éder (Arad Chamber Theater), who made this journey with us.
Csillag penitentiary is the strictest gaol in Hungary, with only major criminals – some even with a lifer. The Csillag (Star) got its name because of the shape: from a circular rotunda with there are 4 corridors of cells in the three-story building. Like this they can protect relatively many people with relatively few men: there are a few thousand guys imprisoned here.
I did not want to go… Every year I avoided taking part in this special performance, as I had seen the faces of the people returning from there. It is good to face (different) reality(es) from time to time but I wanted to protect myself from this experience. This summer I was pushed to go. So I prepared for the worse, took a deep breath, and…
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